Who We Serve

Through partnerships with local congregations and various community services, Noraa Family Services meet the needs of homeless, refugees, undocumented immigrants and other displaced families with children. Housing sponsorship is provided by various individuals, congregations and communities. We provide training for volunteers in a variety of communities and congregations including Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim and non-denominational.


Whether you're in need of meals, furniture or toiletry delivery allow, Noraa Family Services helps to support families in our community by being a resource to families in need.

Single Parents

If you're a single parent and are in need of support, allow Noraa Family Services to help you get on your feet.


One of our goals is to help every child reach their full potential we offer programs that include back to school supply drives as well as holiday sponsorships.

How We Serve

Noraa Family Services assists families end the cycle of homelessness and return to sustainable employment and housing. We believe that every child deserves to have a home. A combination of grants, donations, and the support of social service agencies, landlords and local congregations of all faiths support our programs to provide both temporary and long term housing to homeless families in Dallas County.

Residential Support

From house donation to utility bill support Noraa Family Services offers a range of support services to meet the needs of our community.

Transportation Support

From car donation to bus pass funding Noraa Family Services works to assist those in need of support. We have a wide range of transportation services to help students, single parents and families in need.

Meal Support

Our meal support program has grown over the years and we have been able to help countless families get the help they need. We offer Walmart gift cards and sponsor various major holiday meals.